"Photography means to me to bring out the best of each model." (David Brad)

David is a young up-and-coming freelance photographer, mainly based in Europe/Germany.

thoughtDavid started in the field of photography just a very few years ago, his images already became more and more popular, particulary in the world of models, fashion and in the heads of many modeling agencies all over the world.
David was always interested in photography, fashion and art since his early childhood. but it all started with the first photos of some good friends when David bought his first camera many years later. it didn't take long and his passion for photography turned into his profession.

David's images always reflect his own international personal background and eye for beauty. David's results are characterized by his sharp sense for a simple, but always classic and emotional look of his work. he loves to create black and white photos - ageless and contemporary at the same time. David already played a pivotal role in the development of a couple of young model talents and fresh faces, who just started in the business.

David's certain style of images singles them out among others.

David is completely self-taught, he loves traveling aroung and he already worked for some of the most well known modeling agencies in Europe and the United States.

David loves sports, healthy food, traveling, art, fashion, people with passion, sunshine, beaching, humor, starbucks coffee, peanut butter & working with creative people.

Agencies & Clients:
Photographs of David Brad can be found in the portfolios of many modeling agencies and model books of models all over the world. the following agencies and clients are working with images of David Brad:

Ford Models, Los Angeles
Wilhelmina Models, Miami
Independent Man, Milan
On1 Modelmanagement, Berlin
2morrow Models, Milan
Modelwerk, Germany
Soul Artist Management, New York
Next Models, United States
MGM Models, Hamburg
20 Models, Cape Town
Mc Fit Models, Germany
NoTies Management, San Diego
Vida Models, Nürnberg
2 PM Models, Kopenhagen
Nevs Models, London
Sight Management, Barcelona
Elite Models, Milan
QVC Television
I Love Modelmanagement, Milan
Major Modelmanagement, New York
Five Eleven, New York
Beatrice Models, Milan
East West Models, Germany
most wanted models, Germany
Fusion Models, Cape Town
G-Life Magazine, UK
D1 Models, London
no logo Models, Milan
Stella Models, Wien
One Management, New York
Fave Magazine, Canada
Paragon Models, Hamburg
Ford Models, Chicago
Wilhelmina Models, Los Angeles
Touche Models, Amsterdam
M4 Models, Germany
Spin Modelmanagement, Hamburg
NoToys Models, Germany
Hoeffner Models, New York
Two Management, Los Angeles
Vision Models, Los Angeles

and many more